Integrated Service Delivery

We are experts in creating, implementing and operating government integrated service delivery models. Choose iGovTT as your preferred advisor for the provision of a bespoke solution that facilitates speedy, simple and seamless citizen access to public services.

Features of the Service
One Stop Shop for Government Information and Services
Multiple and Integrated Channels of Service Delivery to Customers
One user account with a Single Sign-On for access to Multiple eServices

Increased speed and efficiency of service delivery
Reduced overhead and transaction costs
Increased reach of government content
Round-the-clock availability of government content
Improved quality of interaction with various publics
Customized user experience with government
Increased transparency of government activity
Increased convenience and accessibility in obtaining Government Information and Services
Reduced travel costs and time spent in obtaining Government Information and Services


ttconnect-smOur award winning initiative, ttconnect, features six different ways of interfacing with Government:

  • ttconnect Online – A one-stop e-Government (Internet) portal which offers Government information and highlights available services to persons with access to a computer with Internet connectivity. Click here for ttconnect Online.

  • ttconnect Service Centres – Through partnerships with Ministries and Agencies, ttconnect Service Centres are ‘common service counters’ intended to provide over-the-counter information and an ever-increasing array of selected services to the public, regardless of Ministry or Agency. Click here for list of ttconnect Service Centres.
  • ttconnect Self-service Kiosks – A non-intrusive, user-friendly automated service option to access Government information at five (5) convenient locations throughout Trinidad and Tobago. Click here for more info on ttconnect Self-Serve Kiosks.
  • ttconnect Mobile – The ttconnect Online Portal optimised and resized to fit the viewable area of any mobile phone or device which has internet connectivity. Click here for info on ttconnect mobile.

  • ttconnect Express Buses – Fitted with computers, printers, Internet connectivity, staff work stations and washroom facilities, the ttconnect Express Buses operate as ‘service centres on the move’, bringing public services to remote areas such as Toco, Erin, Guayaguayare, Cedros and others. Requesting the ttconnect Express Bus to visit your area is free and you can request it by clicking here. Also, click here for more info on ttconnect Express Bus.
  • ttconnect Hotline – This channel consists of two ways through which citizens can request information on government services. It consists of a toll-free number 800-TTCN (8826) and the option for citizens to request a range of government information by sending an email to






ttconnect Services

ttconnect offers a range of services on behalf of various Ministries and Agencies:

  1. National Identification Documents
  • Ministry of Legal Affairs
    o First Issue of the Computerised Birth Certificate
  1. ICT Training
  • National Energy Skills Centre (NESC)
    o Computer Literacy
  1. Employment Opportunities
  • Government Human Resource Company Services Ltd. (GHRS)
    o   Public Sector Employment Opportunities
  • Service Commissions
    o   Advertised Opportunities
  • National Training Agency
    o   On the Job Training
    o   On the Job Training – Returning
  1. Vocational Training
  • Youth Training and Employment Partnership Programme (YTEPP)
    o Retraining
  • National Energy Skills Centre
    o   General Admission
  • Metal Industries Company Ltd. (MIC) –
    o   HYPE Programme
    o   Journeyman Programme
    o   Mastercraftsman Programme
    o   St. BEDE’s Technology Centre Crafts Programme
    o   Technical Vocational Instructor and Teacher Training Programme
    o   Pleasantville Technology Centre Craft Courses
    o   National Skills Development Programme Evening Courses
    o   MuST Programme – Hospitality and Tourism Sector
    o   MuST Programme – Specialized Skilled Worker Training
    o   Industrial Crafts Programme
  • Specialized Youth Services Programme
    o   Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC)
    o   Military Led Academic Training Programme (MILAT)
    o   Military Led Youth Programme of Apprenticeship and Reorientation Training (MYPART)
  1. Gender Based Specialised Training
  • Ministry of Gender Youth and Child Development
    o Women in Harmony – Agricultural Landscaping
    o Women in Harmony – Elderly Care
    o Defining Masculine Excellence
    o Food Preparation Home Management and Fine Dining
    o Non-Traditional Skills Training Programme for Women
  1. Grants and Subsidies
  • Ministry of Housing, Land and Marine Affairs
    o   Home Improvement Grant
    o   Home Improvement Subsidy
    o   Home Construction Subsidy
    o   Home Purchase Subsidy
  • Division of Settlements and Labour
    o   Home Improvement Grant
    o   Home Improvement Subsidy
    o   Home Completion Programme
    o   Application for the Employment Registry
  • Office of the Chief Secretary – Financial Assistance Unit
    o   Application for Financial Assistance for Tertiary Education
  1. Business Sector
  • Ministry of Trade, Industry, Investment and Communication
    o   TTBizLink –Single Electronic Window (SEW), designed to facilitate
    business and trade.
  • National Information and Communication Technology Limited (iGovTT)
    o   ttconnect ID Registration and Enrolment
  • Ministry of Labour, Small and Micro Enterprise Development
    o   FairShare Programme
    o   National Integrated Business Incubation System (IBIS) Registration
  • Trinidad and Tobago Bureau of Standards (TTBS)
    o   Application for registration number ( labels for garments and textiles)
    o   Application for registration number update
    o   Application for footwear registration number
  1. Other Ministry and Agency Services
  • Ministry of Arts and Multiculturalism
    o   Registry of National Artists and Cultural Workers
    - Individual Registration
    - Organization Registration
    - Individual Certification
    - Organization Certification
  • Ministry of Tertiary Education and Skills Training
    o   GATE eService ID
  • Ministry of Gender Youth and Child Development (MGYCD)
    o   Volunteerism – Group Registration
    o   Volunteerism –  Individual Registration
  • National Insurance Board of Trinidad and Tobago (NIBTT)
    o   Receipt of Life Certificates
    o   Pensions Claim Review
    o   Updating Pension Ready Insured Person Data
  • Ministry of Agriculture, Land and Fisheries
    o   Agricultural Development Bank – Loan Enquiry
  • Ministry of Finance
    o   Inland Revenue Division (IRD ) – e-Tax Registration
  • Ministry of Health
    o   National Health Card


Tender Notices Online

Tender-Notices-OnlineAttention government ministries and agencies! You can now save thousands of dollars in advertising by posting your tender notices to ttconnect Online in government’s newest e-service, ttconnect Tender Notices Online.  This service is exclusively available to government ministries and agencies. With over 2 million visitors to ttconnect online annually, your tender notice is sure to reach your intended local or international audience.

Five reasons why you should use ttconect Tender Notices Online?

        1. It’s free - Supplement traditional paid advertising with free advertising of your tender notices on ttconnect Online
        1. Uninterrupted advertising - While you may have to stagger your advertising in print media, you won’t have to do the same with ttconnect Tender Notices Online. Advertise your tenders as long as you want, as often as you want.
        1. Larger bidder’s pool - Once you advertise online, the visibility of your tender notices increases exponentially. With website traffic in the millions, posting your notices to ttconnect Online will increase your chances of attracting more qualified bidders.
        1. Quick updates - You can forget about making edits, once your ad hits the press on a given day. With ttconnect Tender Notices Online, you can make quick edits even after your notice is published.
        1. It’s your back-up record - At any time, you can retrieve a back-up record of your tender notices in the event that you are unable to access internal records

How does a Ministry or State Agency post to ttconnect Tender Notices Online?

ttconnect guarantees an accurate and up-to-date listing of government tender notices. In order to deliver on this promise, we have prepared a Memorandum Of Understanding (MOU) governing arrangements for submitting, posting and retiring tender notices. To get started you can:

        • Contact your iGovTT Client Account representative,
        • Call us at 671-7623, or
        • Email us at

Using ttconnect Tender Notices Online

Once the MOU is signed, you can begin using Tender Notices Online. Here’s how:

        • Complete and submit a Tender Notices Online request form to,
        • Check your inbox for a notification of receipt, and
        • Check your inbox for a notification that your tender notice has been published.

Download a copy of the Tender Notices Online request form by clicking here.

*Standard turn-around time for publishing of tender notices is 2 business days.

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