ICT Contract Management

Good contract governance and good contract preparation are essential foundations for successful contract management. At iGovTT, our team of expert Contact Managers will negotiate favourable terms, conditions and execute contracts on your behalf. We utilise a tried and proven Contract Management Framework that is focused on structure, resources, delivery, development and strategy to ensure that a mutually beneficial relationship between you and your vendors is achieved.

Our contract management activities can be broadly broken down into three main areas:

  • Service Delivery Management: We ensure that the agreed services are delivered to the required level of performance and quality.
  • Relationship Management: We ensure that the relationship between you and your vendors is kept open and constructive, aiming to resolve, solve, or manage conflict.
  • Contract Administration: We handle the formal governance of your contract and any amendments to the contract documentation.

Features of the Service
ICT Contract Negotiation, Preparation and Management
Client/Vendor Relationship Management
Risk Management/Service Level Management
Contract Review of Terms and Conditions
Contract Performance
Vendor Management
Payment Certification
Contract Close Out

Positive return on investment
Cost savings

Competitive negotiations
Contract optimization
Greater value to clients/customers
Contract Compliance
Contract Performance Improvement
Minimisation of Contractual Disputes

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