About Us

iGovTT is an award winning company based in Trinidad and Tobago whose primary business is the provision of ICT consulting and support services for Government, as well as the provision of value-added ICT support services to Government ministries and agencies.

Our History

The management of ICT matters within Government has been transitioned to several agencies throughout the years before coming to rest at iGovTT.  During the period 1989 to 1998, the office of the Prime Minister was charged with primary responsibility for Telecommunications. This was then shifted to the Ministry of Information, Communications, Training and Distance Learning until the year 1999. Within this year, an ICT Policy, Planning and Research Unit was created at the Office of the Prime Minister but shortly thereafter in 2000, the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology was set up and an e-Government Unit was established.

An e-Commerce Secretariat was also initiated at the Ministry of Trade. In 2002, the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology merged with the Ministry of Human Development to form the Ministry of Science, Technology and Tertiary Education. This year also saw the reassignment of the Telecommunication Policy Unit from the Ministry of Science Technology and Tertiary Education to the Ministry of Public Administration and Information where the ICT Planning Secretariat was eventually founded and work began on the National ICT Strategy, fastforward.

In 2003, the e-Government Unit; the e-Commerce Secretariat; ICT Policy, Planning and Research Unit were all merged and the Telecommunication Policy Unit initiated. One year later, Cabinet approved the creation of the Information Communication Technology Division which was formally launched in September. In March of 2008, the ICT Division merged with the National Information Systems Centre (NISC) to form the National ICT Centre (NICTC). Finally, in 2009, Cabinet approved the transition of the NICTC to the state-owned company today trading as iGovTT.

Our Core Business

iGovTT is a Government ICT consulting business with ICT project management capability. We focus on both small and large-scale government ICT projects that support the movement toward e-Government and Trinidad and Tobago’s overall ICT development. The company also manages two major platforms that enable -e-Government: ttconnect and GovNETT.

ttconnect is an integrative model for government service delivery comprising five channels through which citizens can access government information and services. These channels are ttconnect Online, ttconnect Service Centres, ttconnect Self-Serve Kiosks, ttconnect Mobile, ttconnect Express Buses and the ttconnect Toll Free number – 800-TTCN.

GovNeTT is a secure wide area communications network which also allows Government Ministries and Agencies access to a host of applications such messaging services and Internet access.


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